HAT SGR is an Italian regulated AIFM

HAT SGR is an Italian regulated AIFM

HAT SGR is an Italian regulated AIFM, focused on the Italian Private Equity Investments in the technology sector, with raised assets above 400 Million Euro. HAT is controlled by the managing partners Nino Attanasio (Presidente) and Ignazio Castiglioni (CEO).

Since its foundation, in 2007, HAT has been a pioneer in innovation, anticipating the technological megatrend and supporting the Italian companies within this broad sector in their growth and expansion. Nowadays, HAT’s unique positioning in the Italian alternative investments landscape makes it a compelling business partners on the primary market, as well as a solid counterparty that can cooperate with the company leaders in harmony with the shareholders and the management. Our professionals can relate better than other peers with the entrepreneurs of the companies we invest in, thanks to a proven track record on the primary market, and can better lead development and consolidation processes through the fine-tuning of internal processes, international growth-plans and their financial expertise in merger and acquisitions.


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