Towards leadership as a service provider in the customer relationship management industry

Assist S.p.A. designs and develops innovative services for customer relationship management (CRM), integrating human support, digital channels and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

The company provides management consulting services, technological solutions and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services or Customer Relationship Management through the management of Inbound and Outbound digital Call Centre and other activities, operating throughout the entire customer experience management process.

Optimization of the expansion operation through HAT’s support in development on national, international and digital market

The operation was originated in July 2012, thanks to management team’s relationships. HAT Fund 2’s investment for a stake of 20% was €1.7 million in capital increase through an expansion capital operation, aimed at supporting company’s growth also externally.
Thanks to HAT’s support Assist has been able to develop its presence in the national market, expanding both the range of solutions and services offered and the customer portfolio, growing its leadership as service provider specialized in the management of digital customer contact channels. Assist also has developed its international presence with the opening of sales offices in London and Chicago, the Albanian headquarter (to start a new operational centre in Tirana) and an operational centre in Tunis. This process was launched in 2014 with the ambition of exporting to other markets the most innovative solutions and services that had been already successful in Italy.
Another important fact was the expansion in the digital market arena through the acquisition of Beeweeb, a leading company in the mobile solutions field.


Invested capital 2012


Realized value 2016



Exit strategy and investment enhancement

Trade sale to foreign players. After evaluating some exit options with the sale of the majority of the company to foreign players, in December 2015 the divestment was completed by the Management Team, carried out for a 10% stake through the repurchase of shares by Assist and the remaining 10% through repurchase by the management. The transaction generated a multiple on invested capital of 5.1x.

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