Ensuring road to safety.
Enabling Smart Road.

Safety21 S.p.A., Italian software provider active in the Smart Mobility and Smart Road sector, is the leader in technological services for the improvement of road safety standards offered in outsourcing to Public Entities and Police Forces.

Thanks to the proprietary in-cloud technological platform TITAN®, the group is able to offer integrated technological services “end-to-end” (complete system for the management of the entire sanctioning cycle, from infringement detection to collection), through a pay-per-use approach. The group operates in a strategic market, as road safety is also a significant driver for investments related to new technologies in the field of “Smart Traffic & Smart Cities”.

Optimization of the expansion operation through HAT’s support in technology development and M&A operations.

The transaction, generated in July 2016 by the Management Team, saw the investment of HAT Fund 2 for €6.0 million through an expansion capital operation for a 30,4% stake to support company development.
Thanks to HAT’s support, Safety21 has become the first Italian operator in the sector with an integrated end-to-end business and the supply to over 300 customers of innovative services with high technological and software content, also thanks to the growth achieved through external lines with five acquisitions. The Management Team contributed to the growth of Safety21’s value through a constant support in the scouting and structuring of extraordinary operations with a solid add-on strategy and through the managerialization of the company through the preparation of a structured governance model, with the inclusion of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) identified by HAT. Also was crucial the technological development of the proprietary platform TITAN® to expand the competitive advantage, the flexible offer of services and improve margins.


Invested capital 2016


Realized value 2021



Exit strategy and investment enhancement

Trade sale with reinvestment of minority stake. The exit was achieved with the sale of 100% to the private equity fund Bregal with the reinvestment of a minority stake of the previous shareholders, with a return equal to 6.7x times the capital invested.

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