HAT Technology Fund 5 is the fifth reserved AIF launched by HAT SGR.
In total continuity with its predecessors, it will invest in profitable technology small & medium companies, mainly in Italy. The fund will be classified as Article 8 as for the SFDR and will also be Alternative PIR compliant, guaranteeing relevant fiscal benefits to physical persons resident in Italian and to eligible institutional investors. The fund will also be supported by a Strategic Committee, composed of highly regarded executives with relevant and vast industry experience and background across finance, business and academia.

Investment policy

The fund will have a bias towards growth equity investments on the primary market, without any strict limitations in this regard. The minority investments will be qualified, in terms of, as an indicative and not exhaustive list, representation in the board, change of management and veto rights. HAT Technology Fund 5 will seek companies with revenues ranging from 10 to 100 Million Euro, positive EBITDA and EBITDA margin higher than 10%. The ideal target would need to have an established position in its market in order to represent a solid aggregation platform for a buy and build strategy.
The technology sector that will be closely monitored are Software, Digital Enablers, Fintech and Automation & Robotics. The value creation in the portfolio companies, on top of a solid buy & build strategy, will be driven by managerialization, improvement of the company strategy and development plans over the medium to long term, sustainability and internationalization, either through acquisitions of foreign companies or exploring foreign markets for the sale of the product/service of the company.

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