On October 27th, HAT held its Investor Day at Villa Blanc, the headquarters of Luiss Business School in Rome, with the aim of presenting the company’s developments, investments made in the last year, and future projects.

The event featured testimonials from entrepreneurs of the portfolio companies (Burke & Burke, Huma Therapeutics, Luisa Via Roma, Marval, Platum, Primat, and Safety21), as well as interventions from institutional investors who helped guests understand the macroeconomic context we are living in.

Special thanks to Carlo Festa and Giovanni Maggi for moderating the interventions of the day, to Davide Squarzoni and Innocenzo Cipolletta for their valuable contribution, and to Bebe Vio for conveying a message of positivity and strong courage towards any kind of challenge to all attendees.

See you in 2023 for the next Investor Day!

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